16 Grams of Youth


What is NMN?

For reference, NMN abbreviated for Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, is a compound which plays a surprisingly large number of roles in our body. It oversees a healthy heart function and a regulated blood flow being present in almost all cells of the human body. This Nucleotide is also very much involved in the processes taking place within the body for energy production and efficiency, or in other words, stamina.


In fact, it is such a vital aspect of the body that it also plays a significant role in the internal defense mechanism of the body (the immune system) against pathogens and parasitic microbes.


Why We Use NMN

As fascinating as this little thing may be, it serves a unique purpose in human body. NMN has the ability to turn into NAD+ through a process of multiple chemical reactions.


Now you must be wondering what’s so special about this NAD+ thing that we urge people to take it. NAD+ is a key medium for transmission of signals between cells and pathways of life itself.


This phenomenon is what makes this NMN compound so important to ABN in helping provide its customers with the healthiest of lifestyles and preserving the youth of the young at heart.


Presenting the Pure NMN Powder by Alive By Nature


This product is what epitomizes any and all age supplements, except the fact that it is genuinely effective, being engineered by the best scientists at ABN labs.


It is 16 grams of pure powder containing NMN devoid of any artificial properties or genetic modifications. Each intake or ‘scoop’ consists of about 125 mg of NMN which means one bottle has approximately 128 scoops.


Intolerant to Gluten? No problem, pure NMN Powder is gluten-free as well, not to mention it does not make use of any animal biological compound so its Vegan-friendly too.



The reason why you can count on Alive By Nature to deliver what it promises is because of its own systematic process of making sure that people receive the care they demand and hope for.


ABN sends, through random choosing, a finished product to another lab to assess whether the quantity of the content in the finished product coincide with the quantity mentioned in its label to prevent any shortcomings in terms of quantity. Same is done to test and substantiate the quality according to ABN’s standards across three different labs.