Can Human body stay younger as we age?

 Can Human body stay younger as we age?

It is becoming more urgent than ever to reverse the aging process. Adults want to live a longer life with the same endurance and health of the youth age. This might seem impossible but recent studies and researches led by science have proved that we have somewhat control on how fast we age. Although the bulk of the methods include anti-aging supplements, there are simple steps as well which maximizes our lifespan to a decade. In order to know what these steps are, read on below.


1-  Let go of the destructive habits

You want to know what is the biggest favor you can do for yourself? You should cut out smoking from your life in your golden years so that your body and health suffers less. The hazardous risks of smoking are known to all so it is obvious that cigarettes will ultimately decrease your lifespan. You can protect yourself from lung and heart diseases if you take this precautionary measure. In order to achieve your longevity goals, add alcohol in that list too. Even if you have to drink, do it in a healthy moderate amount so that it is harmful on a minimal level. Alcohol has been shown to reach all the cells of the body. It also reaches to your genes and liver to damage them. A maximum of one wine glass for women and two glasses of wine is moderate.


2-  Catch up on your sleep

Sleep is precious because it helps your body to recover and adds days until your lifetime. When you are sleeping, your body is taking care of the inner vascular system and all the organs get the time to take much needed rest as well. It is also obvious that as we age, we tend to get more tired after doing minimum work as our bodies are not that active anymore. In order to build that endurance and strength again to feel young, get proper sleep whenever you can so that your body does not become lethargic. Lethargy will also lead to physiological disturbances so rest is important.


3-  Get yourself a doctor

In order to be fully equipped for old age, it is crucial to have your own personal doctor who is capable enough to monitor your body and functions. When we are young, it is easy to know if something is wrong with our health and what should


we do to cure it. But things get a lot more complex when we age to the point where our own bodies become incomprehensible to us. Want to feel young again? Then get a good doctor to do your yearly tests of biomarkers such as thyroid, lipids, enzymes, sex hormones, lungs, cortisol and DHEA.


Thus, it is clear that you can recapture your youth by taking extra care and carrying out small steps. Apart from the steps mentioned above, make a few changes in your diet as well. For example, decrease saturated fat. It is also advisable to moderate your overall good intake so you can know which nutrients to eat more and which you should cut off.